Phrasal verbs: Feelings (web reference)

Welcome to our Slang phrasal verbs about feelings workshop! Today you’ll learn 6 new phrasal verbs and practice them in-depth so you can start busting them out in social situations. If you’ve already done one of our phrasal verb worskshops, you can skip this video below and go straight to the second one! Ready? Let’s get started

Now that you know what a phrasal verb is, we’re ready to get started! 

Next step: Download this pdf (this pdf has more information about phrasal verbs, definitions and exercises) Once you’ve downloaded the Pdf you’re ready to watch the video below – you’ll be listening to a story -so get your ears ready… and while you listen, we’re going to make you work a little! 

while you listen Circle the phrasal verbs you hear in the story, in the worksheet you downloaded. They’re not all there, so pay attention! 

We’re almost half way through and you’re doing great! Remember that all of those phrasal verbs and definitions from the video are in the pdf you downloaded and you can go back to it whenever you have doubts. 

So, let’s see how much you can remember from the previous video…

Do exercise number 2 in the worksheet you downloaded and correct your answers with the video.

Almost finished! check out the last video, and do the last exercise on your worksheet, They are conversations between people who are using the phrasal verbs you learnt. The correct answers are  in the last part of the video!

Video 4  

Want more? we’ve got you covered, check out this topic’s flashcards for extra practice! Click the link here to play a little game and test your knowledge.

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